Monday, August 23, 2010

Haggerty may not be the only corruption from Mike Bloomberg's campaign is this cyber stalker paid by Bloomberg?

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  • It was delightful to see your "Thank You" video finally. You should show gratitude to your fans--all three of them.
    I suspect that most of the people who view your videos cannot post any more, because you have banned them. Hence, you have fewer and fewer comments.
    The "condom bra equals art" video got the most attention from people who obviously don't give a flying fluke New York City.
  • @gmcbuses Amen! People need to be able to objectively compare candidates. Have you read the Aug. 19, 2010 issue of the Wall St. Journal?
    "Seven Reasons Tech Start-Ups Are Setting Up Shop in New York"
    "5) Government support: Mayor Michael Bloomberg has thrown City Hall’s weight behind the burgeoning sector with a city-funded incubator and seed fund. The Bloomberg administration even invested in an iPhone app NYCWay."
    Vote Mayor Mike Bloomberg for a fourth term! Vote Bloomberg!
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  • @hoochee003 New York City is not only for the rich. There should be stronger rent control laws to insure affordable housing. the reason for the housing shortage is Robert Moses tearing down 10s of thousands of apartments to build the expressways. You are out of touch with reality. You are evil. Gentrification must come to a end. Bloomberg needs to be out of office. He is the worst disaster that has happened to New York. King Mike Bloombergs hideous New York.
  • Rent control just creates corruption. You have to pay your landlord under the table to get anything fixed. Making rents lower creates a shortage, driving up rents elsewhere. People charge "finder's fees" when they vacate their apartments, trying to sell the privilege of renting. The whole thing is a racket.
    We don't need to subsidize poor people to live in expensive areas. It is better for poor people to live where they can afford to. They will have more buying power that way.
  • @gmcbuses NYC is only for the rich, just like Beverly Hills, Rancho Santa Fe, Hillsborough, Key West, Palm Springs, and so on. What's evil about that? It is normal that people live where they can afford to live. They can live more comfortably if they do so.
    Rent control cannot work. Draw the supply and demand curve. Where they meet, that's the price. If you set the price lower, there is a shortage. It is day one of Macro Econ. 101. You are out of touch with reality.
  • @hoochee003 That is evil. Your trying to say New York City should be only for the rich. The whole idea of rent control is to keep rents affordable to the upper lower class, lower middle class. These are the 2 groups that are being forced out by greedy landlords. This greed must stop. Gentrification must come to a end.
  • @gmcbuses I oppose any attempt to interfere with the rental market. Rent control creates a shortage of accommodation. If you draw a supply and demand curve and fix the price artificially low, the difference in the two curves is called a shortage. It's that simple.
    I would like to see rents and mortgages banned in New York City. I would prefer to limit New York City residents to those who can afford to buy their housing by paying in full. That would improve the tax base for essential services.
  • @hoochee003 Bloomberg has waisted millions of dollars because of his tech binge.
  • @hoochee003 No Bloomberg should not get a 4th term. Number1 he failed to deliver on alot of his promises. He cut public safety, closed firehouses. Said he would create affordable housing. All that has gone up is Luxury Condos, Luxury apartment buildings. Nothing to stop eroding of rent stabilization laws. Rents going up every year. Failed to support mass transit. Latest Mta crises he was AWOL, no where to be found. Did nothing to stop mass transit cuts. He and Paterson has to go.
  • Rather than complaining about CityTime, why not complain about the union rules that make filling out the manual time sheets so error prone? Those errors open New York City to lawsuits, which is one of the reasons for commissioning SAIC to create CityTime in the first place.
    You can replace every politician in New York City twice, but absolutely nothing will change. The city is basically a "mob racket." Consider the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. How would a new mayor touch them?

Monday, August 2, 2010

John Haggerty to spill the beans? Cy Vance DA needs to hand over to a special prosecutor outside DA's jurisdiction

Maggie Haberman thinks few have successfully taken on Bloomberg? He spent 109 mill and barely won.

I was sent an email that I posted on my blog accusing Cy Vance of campaign irregularities.   It came to my attention that  Maura Keaney is married to Guma who worked on Vance's campaign and Vance still owes him money. Keaney was working with Haggerty.  She than was pulled off to work with Christine Quinn with both ending up being skewered by Jim Dwyer in The New York Times for intimidation and all kinds of behavior lacking integrity...ho hum..maybe the Manhattan DA is not the one to be prosecuting this case because king Mike, Teflon Mike holds the purse strings to Cy Vance's budget and we know that Mike and his mini me Christine Quinn are notorious for retaliation against city council members that dare to pretend this is still a democracy.

Also note that I and a group of New Yorkers fighting Mike and Christine Quinn's wrong actions denying us a referendum where cyber stalked and harassed on YouTube as well as City Council member Tony Avella's identity stolen, not a YouTube member along with YouTube members and my theory is this was all done by a paid campaign staffer, or staffers, maybe some interns starting with a young woman who calls herself Cleo.  Cleo would fill mine and other youtubers with spam like comments about Mike and 311 and she would contact every person who commented in support of no third term for Mike.  So many identities contacted and harassed me it became one voice -- a male voice who stalked me and yet again contacted any one who was commenting.  I wrote a comment on The NY Post website under an article on Cy Vance asking that Cy Vance and the NYPD investigate this as part of campaign corruption and I let it be known I filed an aggravated harassment complaint.  I had told the creep I had done so and he did not believe me.  Why would he continue way after the election?  Because Bloomberg and his campaign staff Mike is forcing tax payers' to pay 2 million dollars for according to The NY Post are continuing to work in preparation for Mike to run for President.

Mike wiring money out of his checking account instead of his campaign account sure appears criminal to me.  There is 108 million that needs to be investigated and the YouTube resistance against Bloomberg can verify we were spammed, cyber stalked, harassed and some had identities stolen plus a City Council Member that ran against Bloomberg.  The author of this piece is of course wrong -- we were very effective against Bloomberg in fact so successful he barely won.  We had talked about hiring a bus -- a no third term bus and driving it through all 5 boroughs.  The press would finally have to report the resistance and if we had done so Bloomberg might not have won.  Also note my brilliant political poster lampooning him and asking "Is Democracy for Sale?" was completely blacked out by the press.  The press/media did Bloomberg's corrupt dirty work and did not break any laws doing so.  Well The Villager and NYU turned away the press including NY1 and seniors...

Yet all of Christine Quinn supporters got in.  NYU is perhaps the biggest land owner and could not supply a space big enough to include New Yorkers.   The Villager did not want NY1 in because they did not want any competitive video footage.    The Villager endorsed Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.  At the end of this YouTube someone says get this video to The New York Daily News but The New York Daily News and The New York Post and The New York Times never covered this debacle that should have been aired also on ever major television station on the local news.

There are more YouTubes exposing what went down.   Also Yetta Kurland I believe would have won a major upset if Maria Passante Derr had stepped down and supported Yetta.  Derr split the vote and help Christine Quinn to barely win and Mike Bloomberg's win was even more humiliating.