Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloomberg for Life is back with another stolen identity

Mayor Bloomberg: This is an excerpt I sent to the press and I will post this excerpt on my blog as well re: the continued harassment, identity theft by a man I believe calls himself Bloombergforlife he stole Tony Avella's name and YouTubers identities as well to harass me and now lie about me. So this goes on my blog... "I have written Mayor Bloomberg. Is this guy paid by Bloomberg's unethical campaign staff? The same staff that advised him to spend $750,000 to an org that was not registered until after the election and Mike Bloomberg cannot account for the money spent. Cy Vance, DA is seriously investigating this so maybe some unethical creep at City Hall has this guy harassing anti-bloomberg YouTubers or maybe he is just a very sick lonely man who enjoys harassing, stalking stealing and posing as a woman which he does often." Just wondering mayor if you are looking in to this from your end. Thank you.

I sent out a longer email to the press and NYPD. I do have an open aggravated harassment complaint and this guy reminds of this creep and gang with the same motive and issues.

Do you think I will hear from the mayor anytime soon?

I am looking forward to hearing more on the DA's investigation in to Mike Bloomberg's inability to account for $750,000 dollar and the org not being legit until a month after the election so I gather this would not be a priority.