Friday, December 30, 2011

Cy Vance DA cyber crimes big joke start with Bloomberg

Suzannah B. Troy Wrote: (your comment)

Vance won't investigate Team Bloomberg's possible cyber stalking of Bloomberg's opposition . Bloombergforlife, and at least 50 sock acounts on behalf of Mike Bloomberg, David Yassky , Christine Quinn but mostly all Bloomberg cyber stalked, harassed, even stole YouTube identities as well as than city council now Senator Tony Avella. The Queens DA has the Avella info with cyber stalker for Bloomberg posing as Tony Avella bragging about celebrating with Mike at Sheraton sipping champagne. Not the real Tony . The cyber stalker/s made abusive comments and used intimidation like stealing peoples identities of critics with hope of silencing voices in opposition. Vance refuses to apply law to Bloomberg and his puppets like Christine Quinn.